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Hannah Spearrit shot to global fame as part of seven piece pop party group S Club 7 juniors enjoying a string of hits all over the world.

But when the band split Hannah turned to acting landing one of the core role as Abby in ITV's sci-fi series Primeval, the third series begins in the new year. I caught up with her to discuss the new series and what lies ahead for Spearritt Hannah Hanna Spearitt Sclub Shows character as well as talking to her about the Pringles Select competition.

Series 3 of Primeval will be back in the new year what can we expect for her in the new season?
Well we have got new characters, new creatures again it gets more brave plus there are more episodes this time as well. Abby’s journey, in terms of something that is different from the previous series, a blast from the past, and I won’t say who, but she has somebody who comes back from her past that shocks people especially Connor shaking up their relationship which is exciting.

Also what’s exciting is that we have new characters we have got Jason Flemming coming into the group and Laila Rouass, new blood was very good on set this time refreshing and changing it up a bit. It’s been a long year because we have done ten episodes this time, instead of six and then seven, and like Andrew said when you are working on something like this your whole world is that so it’s nice at the moment to take a back step and a breather and be Hannah and Andrew at home.

What was it about Abby that drew you to the project?
Completely how strong she was, how feisty she was and how she didn’t rely on anyone else and how she was a strong female really drew me to the part and I think that all those things are really important in human nature to get where you want to be really be.

Also her love for animals it was just a really cool (laughs), Andrew is laughing at me now, we saw a programme last night and this girl was being asked a question by Vanessa Feltz and she was answering it like Miss World and I just reminded myself of her just then. Yeah but the strongness of her character was just really cool.

And how involved are you in the stunt aspect of the show?
As much as I can be but there will be points on set when you are against time, more often than not they will have a stunt double there and they will have your wig on and your clothes, so they are there as back up but I get involved with most of the stunts. But sometimes on series three we were running two sets at the same time she was doing a little bit for me on one set and I was doing a little bit on another set.

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