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Kiwi Ninja Tips...

level 30 is bad... ok, i try to explain, sorry for mistakes... you have 2 experience ways to do bank it. the first one is LUCKY, i mean: there's a point (don't know exactly)in the black "things" upon syslog you which will bomb all the baloons assassins hattori warz cheats on your left side. but, repeat, it's just lucky, i don't know how do it.
second way: look to the higher frozen baloon, shot Kiwi Ninja and make that one baloon become frozen. then shot Tips on it making jump it to your left. 
clear? hope so... it's not easy, really.

ok, you have 3 parts, pay attention on the one on your above right. you have to shot the pink baloon at the extreme right. then, look up right and shot the extreme right pink bloon. then look left and shot the extreme left pink ballon. you got it.

shot the packman and, without stoppin, go up left, recharge you eating the other packman, eat the bloons, go down left and eat the packman, then right then up...
packmans will recharge you, if you do it very quickly you got it..
1st arrow, aim directly and shoot hard at the bottom red bomb balloon. This should make the whole unit explode. Then arch over the gray blocks to hit the top unit's red bomb balloon. 

Use some ARCH skills to shoot your arrow just above the left ice balloon, then aim for the right side. Use your last arrow to get the remainders. (trick for this one is to try not to hit the ice or the blocks)

Use 1st arrow to shoot the single brown block, use 2nd to shoot red bomb balloon. Then use one to shoot a brown block to open up a space over one of the pink pin baloons. Then aim carefully!! 

Elaine Mellencamp Topic???

After a long relationship of twenty years this smart couple has made their final decision promo codes hot to ride on their separate ways of life. John Mellencamp and his wife are the main subjects of this huge split lenoir news. This couple had spent twenty beautiful years of their Topic life together but unfortunately now they are feeling that they cannot live together anymore. This split became news yesterday on Thursday when this couple made an announcement on the media. John and Elaine Mellencamp imdb have made this decision together and they were proud to introduce their fans with this news. She mentioned that these twenty years of her life were spent with a great man whom she loved and cared for. This couple is happy to divorce dating boyfriend almay Russell Simmons their ways finally.

 John had been famous for his heartbreaking and touching songs like Heartland America and many more. There are several other hits created by John Mellencamp. Shep was really happy that she had accomplished all her responsibilities towards her family and children with her beloved husband John. John Mellencamp is 59 years old man and he married When she came to him for appearing in his musical album in the year 1991. Elaine is now 41 years old after spending twenty years of her life with john and now she has separated her ways from him. All the fans of this couple are giving their best wishes to them for being a successful couple and for having a better life in their future. John had also released his latest music album recently this year which was liked by several fans.

New nyx cosmetics online...

I saw someone mention the mascara that NYX cosmeticos lipsticks swatches eyeshadows circe milk jumbo lip gloss palette glitter has. I'm interested in trying it. But what do you guys think of their other cosmetics? Any suggestions or dislikes about anything? They don't seem overly expensive and I'd love to try some stuff, but I wanna hear your experiences with this brand if you've had any.
I have the eyeliner and loose powder. Since I have no idea how to use wetnwild liquid eyeliner bh makeup artist brushes, I decided to buy New nyx cosmetics online this one to practice and I really don't see a difference between this and the other brands. As far as the loose powder goes, I also really like it. I don't like their eyeshadows too much, I bought some once and just threw them out the next day. I have 2 of the loose shadows they carry and they are great too.
I made a special trip to an outlet mall an hour away and bought two trios for $8.95 each! I just can't find anyone else around here that sells them.

Drugstore.com DOES have a few trios for $5.99 and they are offering free shipping.

I'll post what I picked up over on the haul!

Ugh, I got screwed. If I like the m/u I will get it on eBay next time. Fortunately I only bought two and didn't keep going! The colors looked fabulous in the store, so we will see if I like them tomorrow when I put them on!
"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
— Marilyn Monroe

Easy sword of the samurai!

What more can I say? It's like a grand-daddy of musashi autoblog KOTDP. Amazing fm armour weaponry gladiator double bladed wilkinson canes sharpener graphics and gameplay for a 1989 stuff champloo episodes too. Anyone fencing hardc0re sushi angel dragon buster katanas enough to have tried it before?
It's like a combination of ninja and shield Pirates! (the old Microprose "three or four minigames stuck together" method, see also Covert Action) and a simplified Darklands via the menu gameplay. Kinda gets held up because the war and swordfighting minigames (Sid Meier did the sword game) are pretty shitty. The Easy sword of the samurai melee minigame is well balanced and difficult with an annoyingly effective swarm AI.
Pretty much belongs to the same school of awesome as Pirates, Covert Action and Darklands. I loved how you got to play through it from a lowly samurai all the way to Shogun, with some gameplay features only becoming availabe when you reach a certain rank. Just like the other games mentioned it seemed like you found new things each time you played it. A true classic from the golden age of Microprose.
It's a great, great time waster. I tried it for the first time last year and was playing for two days straight trying to get the 300 year shogunate. It also plays fine, if you can get the shortucuts in the manual (otherwise battles will seem quite plain). It's a collage of different minigames. They can get annoying in the harder difficulties, but never take long. 

Sure it could have been deeper in the politics, inheritance mechanics (like some turn based strategies) and the darklands style narratives, better minigame levels (they are completely random) still great.

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