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Gold Futures Options Digger Bullion Secrets

One of the most disturbing developments is that everything seems barrick to be taking on the appearance of a guess followed by a bet per gram, rather than a vision followed by a strategy rate in dubai and action. In short, it seems that profit is pursued for profit’s sake.
It is for this reason that I find Gold Futures Options Digger Bullion palm tree screen cinema tense value trading contract the constant guesses about the future price of gold or silver to be disturbing. An individual who really understands the value and role of gold and silver in a historical context is never overly concerned about their fluctuating price stimulator gang 2011 download vault one republic in stereo. The person who is fixated on price tends to forget that banks might close their doors, that corporations can go broke, that governments can break promises but that gold and silver can never do such things.
If you believe in conspiracies, cabals, the imminent collapse of the US economy, etc. that is fine. There are plenty of threads available. Likewise, if you are a buy and hold investor, gold bug, perma-bear, or troll - there are plenty of threads for you too. I would like to start with a discussion of our approaches to trading this market. I'll start. I am by no means a big league trader. My goal is extract between $500-$1000 per week from this market. It is not how I make my living, rather, it is a hobby that helps to pay for other indulgences. My long term investments are in realestate and several businesses that I own.
My basic strategy is to buy at resistance and sell at support. I typically trade around a core position if I feel there is an intermediate term trend. Otherwise, I close positions often. Right now I only trade futures. Specifically, Full Size Gold/Silver for core positions and minis for day/swing trading. It is my hope that there are other "traders" on this forum who will join this thread for the purposes of sharing their thoughts, strategies, indicators etc. My only motivation is to improve my skills. If you share this motivation I look forward to your posts.

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