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Exclusive Latest Shiatsu Massager Tables Massage??

I have a Homedics Heat and Massage Pad, bought it years ago.  At first I found that heat with the show girlz massage cushion really helped, I think the massage therapies envy with happy endings part is more for the muscles massaging massaggio massaggi couples that tighten due to the pain.  As my Exclusive Latest Shiatsu Massager Tables Massage osteoporosis got worse the massage jogged my back too much and I found that the massage part had to be put on quite high (did'nt lean on it) so I could get the heat. Now I have a compression fracture I only use the heat part.
I only had the pad which is about 18 x 18 inches and I could use it on different parts of my back.  Now I just use the heat and have a gentle massage on my back by a visiting masseuse when I can afford it.

Don't know if this helps but shaking a damaged bone is not recommened I was told.  Do you have access to a heated seat in a car?
At my local Costco (Canoga Park, CA) they are having a Shiatsu Massage chair roadshow. All the chairs are 50% off from the retail price. The chairs are made by King Kong USA. The best part about it is that they are all covered under Costco's return policy which is if you change your mind for any reason you can return it anytime with a receipt (no time limit).
I looked into getting one of these too but was told that you can only use them for 15 mins per day normally so couldn't really see the point.

I have a back massage every 4 weeks and it's heaven!  

It's something i've always treated myself too, the only difference is now I have to sit on a stool and lean over a table rather than lying flat on a bed

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