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Top New Prank and Pranks Telephone Calls Today

Have you done any good prank or pranks for April fools, dial, dialer, call soundboards, Telephone Calls, scary, ownage to your friends or family that is so awesome that you makes you laugh so hard that you feel like peeing in your pants. Do you want to share some of the best ones here so that we can know or share with each other. Of course you all know that sharing is caring right. Just give us a hint or tips so that we could also try your tricks and tell you what had happened later.
I could remember trying a funny one on my friends at school. Me and my best friend bought an itching powder and later we tried it and tested on some other friends. We both thought it would not worked cause it is our first time and never had an experience using it. I was too afraid to do it, so my friend tried it and got hold of the powder and put some on the neck of our friend. At first, nothing happened, we waited but thought we wasted our time and effort. Suddenly in a few minutes, he started scratching his neck and it was turning red. We were shocked and were laughing all the way. It was one of the most funniest moments of my life.
Sometime it is good to make sure that the stuff you do is safe and not too dangerous and harm others. It can be a lot of fun but we have to take precautions as well. We don't want the victim to get heart attack or get into any trouble. The safest way is to try a simple one on the victim first to see their reaction. If he or she can take the joke, then it is okay to have some fun. Not everyone can take it, so make sure to check the situation first.
The best time to do it is probably at night and make sure to film it on camera or video as a good memorable time of your life. You don't want to miss it and see the funniest reaction now would you. Maybe you are older, you can still remember the good times and make you smile again. Have you guys tried it on your girlfriend yet? Girls can make the best victim, cause when they are so emotional and take a joke easily. You don't want to do it on a wrong person, or you'll get into big trouble. So beware before you do anything okay, it might backfire and you'll know what will happen next. Have a nice day and enjoy yourself.


New Comcast Customer Service Remotes

I have comcast for my cable TV and use it as my ISP...
I love the speed test for Internet smartzone usage tv listing nvq. I'm not crazy about the New Comcast Customer Service Remotes will give you endless runaround if you try and downgrade your service. Period! It takes lots of insisting. 
I would not use them for my phone service. I used to have Verizon...I got really, really tired of the high prices and constantly added new fees. 
I started hearing about VOIP...read whatever I could get my hands on.. 
Cancelled my Verizon phone service that was supposed to be costing me 40 bucks and change, per month.. in truth, it was a lot closer to 50 bucks. 
I chose Vonage VOIP... there are only 2 plans...mine costs 14.99 per month for 500 minutes, that includes long distance. The second plan costs 24.99 for unlimited minutes. That's the whole point with VOIP... there is really no such thing as a long distance. Vonage is starting to include lots of European cities as free calls with the 24.99 plan...I believe, that as they add more customers, all long distance calls will be included, no matter where in the world they are. 
Anyway, I don't turn my computer off very often...and when I do, it is usually overnight, just to give it a rest. 
Because of this... I had to check to see if my phone worked while my PC is turned off. It, certainly, does. 
Comcast VOIP is priced way to high..IMO, they are counting on folks who haven't done research into VOIP. They know lots of folks will choose them simply because they use them for cable TV and Internet..and like the "ease" of one bill and get taken in by the multi use discount. That small discount doesn't begin to touch the savings from using Vonage. Likewise, Comcasts digital "regular" phone service is just as overpriced as the other phone companies. Verizon also has a bare bones phone service...not that you will ever, ever hear about it from a CSR...and if you mention it they will try and tell you it doesn't exist. 
Anyway, I'm thrilled to have cut the *cord" from high priced phone companies. It is wonderful to see my monthly phone bill is 17.48 (total price with taxes and federal fees). Btw, both plans include lots of features.. free voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, etc. 
Btw, Vonage VOIP service uses your regular, normal phone...it is a quick (and small) snap-on type device that attaches to your modem and PC.. comes with very easy illustrated instructions.. and there is no difference, at all, in sound quality. You might want to check out the website.

Donation Help Needed

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