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Video Tsunami Earthquake and Nuclear Radiation Reactor In Japan Live News 2011 Today

I watched that initial new Tsunami wave coming in on shore in Northern Japan last night on late night TV. It was absolutely devastating. Learned this morning that the wave meltdown was 23' high. The alerta of power plant reactor de en japon fukushima blast assault is like a big war and it is very dangerous warning facts to be around the are as it is very risky like haiti, chile, china, indonesia prediction leak.

I lived in Japan for awhile (during my military days) and know that core sizing design digestion method there are some very old wood structures that are still being used. I imagine most of those were destroyed. The Japanese are lucky in one respect though as the quake could have been centered around Tokyo where 18 million people reside.
The scary thing is that photos and video aren't able to even begin telling the story yet. I'm afraid that this is so large in scope that we won't be able to truly grasp the consequences for a bit. And if they don't get those nuclear reactors secured, I don't even want to think about that... Not to mention transportation issues .. or lack thereof. Getting goods in and out now, is strictly a matter of aid, without thought for commerce for the time being. 

Words are impossible when you think about the lives lost and affected by this. I wish I was able to go there and lend a helping hand somehow. A friend of ours, is from there and hasn't heard from her friends or family since.. I can't even begin to imagine. Ironically, she had recently volunteered her time to the Red Cross for the past year or so, in Africa, so I know that if she's able, she'll go back home to help as well, even though she works full time in Chicago right now. 

Check out this amateur first person videos of the tsunami flood just washing away a city. The cameraman starts out filming at street level when the first trickle of floodwater comes around the corner and down a main downtown street of the village. As the first cars begin to wash away he flees to a second floor perch and continues filming. In the end he has to escape to the ROOF of a building as huge stores are completely washed away. 

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