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Alright well first, you have to decide, how much can I budget fulcrum soldadora maquina and afford to spend. If you want a good sized scale, they cost about 500$ rc ultralight military fighter planes for sale. Now I just bought a jet on sale for 229$ and is a great deal!!! Now, the sizes vary but around 4 feet and 2 feet wide are pretty standard for a jet that price. Just like rc cars, boats, heli's, planes, anything, star nz they can all either run on nitro, or gas. Most of Mig Aircrafts Remote Controlled Jet all run on nitro but gas powered are more expensive b/c they act just like a regular car motor!!!! Something like a good descent jet could hit 70mph.....but like the guy said...........10,000 dollars and something could go 200mph??? idk if something could get to go that fast for only 10,000. Think about it....a car......most motors in cars that cost 10000 dollars cant even top out at 150...so a jet like that would cost a little more I think. But if your not an everyday millionaire lol then just look on the Internet Services for a good scale model. So thats a better answer if anyone runs into these q's!!!!
I'm still pretty new around here, but since the OP didn't specify which type of jet he was asking about, I believe there are really two answers to his question and both responses are correct.

You can get an r/c ducted "jet" that is propelled by what's basically a fan prop housed in a jet type of enclosure. Not a true jet, but they are pretty inexpensive to get into and top speeds are 60-80mph.

It's also true that there are scale size turbine engines that run on actual jet fuel and operate just like a full size jet engine. The engines alone are $3k-$5k and produce 15-50lb thrust so I don't see any reason they couldn't propel a 10lb aircraft to 200mph.
These days Jets are broken down into 3 primary types..

1. Push/Puller PropJets.. Look like a jet but have an electric or glo engine mounted in either of the configurations mentioned

2. EDF.. The new front currently replacing the old glo Ducted Fan aircraft (you can still get some glow). These are now getting upto the kinds of thrust that the glo models could put out, and even some get into the range of turbines. Requires Batteries and Speed controllers that handle massive currents though.

3. Turbine.. Minature Jet engines, burn kero for fuel and run at 500 deg C and above. Put out lots of thrust and sound/look like the real thing.

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