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Cure for toenail fungus

You can apply 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil directly to infected finger and toe nails 3 times komen race for the daily hpv. For people who are for sickle cell anemia sensitive to direct application of tea tree oils may try soaking their nails in treated water or applying lotion or powder on them. Cure for toenail fungus is the best way to help anyone with this problem.
Fungal Nail Lotion

4 teaspoons cider vinegar
1/8 cup (30 ml) of distilled water or boiled water
10 drops lavender oil
6 drops of tea tree
Pour vinegar into a dark glass bottle. Add the essential oils and shake well. Then add the water and shake again. Swab affected areas with cotton 3 times daily. Shake well prior to application for each use to disperse the oils.
Fungal Foot Powder

2 tablespoon of corn flour or unscented talc
15 drops of lavender
5 drops of peppermint
Put corn flour or talc into a small plastic bag. Add the essential oils. Tie or zip close the bag securely and let sit for 24 hours allowing the oils to spread through base. Shake well before using first time.

Hangovers Cures

Every morning after a long night of drinking i always wake up with a mad hangover sore throat hemorrhoid wart for urinary tract infection... So i typically roll a fat joint or pack a nice bowl hiccup and smoke it to curing myself, and just like that my cures remedy for hangover seems to either be forgotten get rid of a or just goes away. I swear by this remedies for symptoms and think that Marijuana is the foolproof hangovers cures... What are your guys opinions on this????
Swim finds weed a good hangover remedy in general. It may not necessarily protect one from the effects of whatever you did the night before, but it will sure help you feel better and allow you to complete your functions for the rest of the day, or sleep and recuperate, whichever you choose.
Weed seems to help with the comedown for sure but only for a limited time . Baron finds it will help by getting his mind focused on other things but as soon as you burn out it just amplifies the hangover you already have by adding the factor of fatigue. On a positive note, it does seem to get rid of the nauseous feeling when ya first wake up after a night of drinking. 
Depends on the hangover - a really bad one will just get worse, but the pot may help you sleep (but you'll awake groggy as shit). Sometimes, it just makes the hangover more groggy, confusing, etc.
But a minor, run of the mill, saturday morning hangover will be banished by the smoke in general. But over the years swim has learned to feel it out - sometimes you just have to accept what you've done to yourself, drink some water, and suffer.
The only real hangover cure is to drink more alcohol - this strategy leads to alcoholism. So in light of that, yes, weed is the best. 

Donation Help Needed

It is aware that there is an old elderly woman needs some donation for her heart, diabetic and cancer disease expenses urgently. If you are generous enough now, you can easily bank in whatever you can donate to Hong Kong Shanghai Bank(HSBC) account number 302-005848-001 under the name Fauziah Binti Nasir.


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