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How To Stop Masturbation Techniques Agile Methods Now!!

I actually realize the point - I have known the mutual chemical and hormonal implications of "busting a nut" for God knows how long excessive propaganda brainwashing now, and have field tested all the various states 'of being' and interacting with girls (before, and after masturbating).

What I advocate people work on though is developing the ability to Stop Masturbation Techniques Agile Methods regardless of high, or low testosterone levels circulating in their bloodstreams. Having lower testosterone concentrations shouldn't make you any less of a man than you already are, and therefore, the act of masturbation shouldn't be viewed as an "evil deed" by the community, but instead as an activity that "one just does, and shouldn't have to be made feel guilty and/or ashamed about".

It is the same mentality as drinking and gaming - once you realize what state of mind alcohol puts you in, you should be able to drop the liquor bottle and start doing the exact same thing in a sober state. And how does this apply to masturbation you may ask? Well - since we know how abundance feels like prior to unloading a huge load, we should then also be able to maintain and follow that mentality even after blowing that load.

As men - if we let our composure change after having had masturbated, and all while losing sight of the abundance feeling right upon unloading a gooey puddle of testosterone... then there must be something wrong in the way our mentality is structured, and what our conditioned view towards it is.
I hit the gym or just don't spend as much time in front of a computer. I read books on serious subjects, that helps too.
Just replace it with something else, like exercising. Every time you want to jerk off, reframe it to wanting to do pushups or crunches.
One should not get in the habit of doing it frequently, however, if it happens - one should make the best of it and not let it affect his mental and physiological state.
Patting him on the back, saying "Everyone does it" and letting him off isn't helping. So, to answer the original question...

Masturbation is, (though I forget the proper term) a form of addiction. It's being addicted to a particular activity- Like gambling. The best way to stop doing it is simply fill up your whole schedule with other stuff to do, don't give yourself that much free time. Find a hobby or something. Another good thing to do is get yourself a website blocker of some sort, and when you're prompted to make a password for it, just look away and slam at the keyboard a few times. Cut your sources (mainly porn I'd guess) and leave no time to do it.
That, or you'll probably just get tired of it sooner or later like I did. No, seriously.
That's all we are saying I believe...

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