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Sexy Lady Gaga Falls Off During Concert Tragedy!

This is really funny to read news articles in the newspapers about this popular artist. Lady Gaga the singer lying on the floor after falling falls off during concert tragedy from a burning piano in a performance, last night.

Frequent attempts singer sparked controversy for jumping out of the musical ends with the tragedy when she fell back on the floor.
However, unforeseen events affecting the singer was not involved because she continued with the song You And I sang.
Gaga was stomping the  piano keys with her left foot and at the same time balancing her body with your right foot on the bench.
She made a mistake and then fell to the floor causing her to sprawl.
Perhaps it should rethink the singer to wear high heels but when performed after this.
The incident occurred in front of thousands of people who like her in concert in Houston, Texas.
Officers rushed to  the stage is seen to help the singer, but she does not care and continued to perform as if nothing happened.

I hope this will be a good lesson to all performers to be extra careful and wear proper shoes when singing.

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