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New bubble shooting game...

Okay, before I get fired from my job, what the hell is the secret skeet breaker and squeak to this stuff. I just got done playing it for 2 hrs and was only able to get 100k pts. I see the high score is around 450k tanks clay pigeon and I'm wondering who has 8 hrs blast town msn cybersalt shooter to put into a single New bubble shooting game. Please give me some hints or I will be scrolling through the employment section of this damn forum looking for a job in back country Austalia with a boss that thinks that kangaroos are good lookin'
I love this game and beware you might get addicted to it. I have never played games that are so exciting that I can't stop thinking about it. Once you tried it, I am sure you will also go crazy about iy. The thing that I really enjoyed is that it is so challenging and simple game. It helps to sharpen your mind and be more focus. So how do you win it? I have asking myself about this many times but still have no clue about it.
If you guys out there been reading about this, do make some tips or video about winning this so that everyone can be the champion. They should make a competition about this and the winner goes away with a million bucks. You can count on me that I will be there. So now back to work, before I start to push the start game and forget about everything else in the world.

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