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Bad luge accident 2010...

This is brutal deaths died video of what happens when you lose control crash crashes vid olympics vancouver at 90 mph on a sled. I'm no expert but it seems stupid to design the track with metal beams above georgian the course coming out of a turn like that.
It does seem awfully stupid to design a track with metal beams girls club season 4 casting along the side after a nasty turn like that one...at least some sort of barrier to protect against athletes flying out Bad luge accident 2010 of the track should be erected at all luge tracks. This is a tragedy...I feel so sorry for his friends and family!

I wonder if the Olympic Committee has taken steps to improve the design...that is just stupid to have it set up like that...and it's not the fault of Canadians...the Olympic Committee should oversee everything to make sure it is safe for the athletes...
reminds me of what the USA hockey team did to the Canadians last night. Wow a 5-3 win on their home ice. Amazing that the US can now dominate nations in sports that are not followed/played by significant numbers of Americans. With their performance in soccer in the Confederations Cup in SA the English must be quaking in their boots with a 1st round matchup with the Yanks now.

Hermaphrodite lady gaga proof wiki picture news secret???

Dont think she is, and so what either way?
wouldnt be suprised if she or her promotions started the rumour images of pics either, it means her name jamie curtis ciara is getting out there more
I for starters think that Transgendered humans people shouldn't be as stigmatized songteksten define meaning photographs as they are. There is still alot of bias and bigotry in the world, often projected downwards from the patriarchy onto those they believe to be weaker. Hermaphrodite lady gaga proof wiki picture news secret is up mainstream culture so effectivly I don't think the damage will ever be reversed :) 
I also agree, transgendered people (if you excuse the pun) have a lot of balls. Obviously there are transgendered people who are complete wacko and there are transgendered people who are lovely. But I think every single transgendered person is extremely courageous to express who they are as a person despite the horrible stigma they receive.

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