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Closet Organizers

Is there such a thing as a camera organizer? I have a couple of walkin closets maid shelves piled with camera clutter. I'd like to find some sort of karlas box to organize it all. Like a camera bag, but more of a box. Something with compartments for SLR bodies, lenses, compact cameras, and now that I have a digital camera, memory cards. Oh, yes, and batteries. It seems that every camera takes a different battery. I know I can toss it all in a big cardboard box, but I'd love a little organization. And padding.
Why don't you just put the gear into your camera bag and put the bag on a flat shelf?

If you really do want a Closet Organizers, I use the plastic shoe boxes sold by The Container Store - they come in various sizes and are stackable. I just drill 2 very tiny holes in the sides to allow the moisture out - otherwise, with the top sealed on, condensation can happen. Very convenient and very inexpensive. The fact that they are clear plastic also makes it very easy to see what you have in them.

I use a separate box for each body, for each lens, and then separate box for "kits" like my Quantum equipment, my SPlit ND kit which holds my filters, holders, adapter rings together, or my Nikon polarizer kit which holds the polarizers together with their respective lens hoods and so on.

Another box holds both of my TC's, a separate box for black and white filters, another for color filters, you get the idea.

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