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Real Magibon Mririan Youtube Teeth???

I thought-well, she looked a bit Japanese-that she was. She had the whole role down though.
She really looked like a Real Magibon Mririan Japanese girl. I think, I can speak better Japanese than her, and I'm only done with the first semester of class!
Anyway, she's not doing anything bad Teeth at all-maybe annoying-and she has tons of Youtube views!!!
People are just weird for looking at them, then writing all these bad comments about her.
You know the videos suck, why the hell are you still watching them?
I don't liker her videos, but I don't really like going to her page and talking shit-it's lame to do so.
I've seen a few, and they're, well, boring. She doesn't do much, but talk Japanese-is she Japanese, or not
Cause, she has the role down!
You know what, I used to hate her too. but after a while of watching her, I grew to.. well, not really like her, but I don't hate her anymore. Having crooked teeth is totally normal. Just give her some time, she'll probably get veneers soon.
After watching her japanese interviews, I realized she's pretty normal. just a bit wapanese.
I wish her luck

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