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Ted Koppel Nightline Latest News...

Okay, the AOL Instant Messenger icon is bigger than Ted Koppel and abc to us college students. But, neither Jay nor Dave could offer the insight (Read: Lack of humor) that Koppel's son speech will likely bring. My only hope is that Koppel will give his speech some hook, some clever edge. For example, he could present his address in haiku-form:
But, I'm ready to welcome Brokoppel jessie james with open arms and an open mind. I have no fears about his Latest News speech, because I know that if he dies bores me, I can always steal off to Lex Land, where the speeches are exciting, the grass is purple, and everybody knows my name.
While I do not agree with Sinclair's decision to not air Nightline tonight (nor any form of censorship) I find this entire idea of Koppel's and Nightline's to be highly suspect. 

Why does this "reading" happen to occur during May sweeps? Couldn't this have been done before? It just seems to be a blatant attempt at increasing ratings. And what has ABC done to curtail these rumors? Nothing. What they should've done was make this sort of "reading" a weekly or monthly show. That would honor the war veterans and their families....

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