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Hermaphrodite lady gaga proof wiki picture news secret???

Dont think she is, and so what either way?
wouldnt be suprised if she or her promotions started the rumour images of pics either, it means her name jamie curtis ciara is getting out there more
I for starters think that Transgendered humans people shouldn't be as stigmatized songteksten define meaning photographs as they are. There is still alot of bias and bigotry in the world, often projected downwards from the patriarchy onto those they believe to be weaker. Hermaphrodite lady gaga proof wiki picture news secret is up mainstream culture so effectivly I don't think the damage will ever be reversed :) 
I also agree, transgendered people (if you excuse the pun) have a lot of balls. Obviously there are transgendered people who are complete wacko and there are transgendered people who are lovely. But I think every single transgendered person is extremely courageous to express who they are as a person despite the horrible stigma they receive.

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