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New nyx cosmetics online...

I saw someone mention the mascara that NYX cosmeticos lipsticks swatches eyeshadows circe milk jumbo lip gloss palette glitter has. I'm interested in trying it. But what do you guys think of their other cosmetics? Any suggestions or dislikes about anything? They don't seem overly expensive and I'd love to try some stuff, but I wanna hear your experiences with this brand if you've had any.
I have the eyeliner and loose powder. Since I have no idea how to use wetnwild liquid eyeliner bh makeup artist brushes, I decided to buy New nyx cosmetics online this one to practice and I really don't see a difference between this and the other brands. As far as the loose powder goes, I also really like it. I don't like their eyeshadows too much, I bought some once and just threw them out the next day. I have 2 of the loose shadows they carry and they are great too.
I made a special trip to an outlet mall an hour away and bought two trios for $8.95 each! I just can't find anyone else around here that sells them.

Drugstore.com DOES have a few trios for $5.99 and they are offering free shipping.

I'll post what I picked up over on the haul!

Ugh, I got screwed. If I like the m/u I will get it on eBay next time. Fortunately I only bought two and didn't keep going! The colors looked fabulous in the store, so we will see if I like them tomorrow when I put them on!
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