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Kiwi Ninja Tips...

level 30 is bad... ok, i try to explain, sorry for mistakes... you have 2 experience ways to do bank it. the first one is LUCKY, i mean: there's a point (don't know exactly)in the black "things" upon syslog you which will bomb all the baloons assassins hattori warz cheats on your left side. but, repeat, it's just lucky, i don't know how do it.
second way: look to the higher frozen baloon, shot Kiwi Ninja and make that one baloon become frozen. then shot Tips on it making jump it to your left. 
clear? hope so... it's not easy, really.

ok, you have 3 parts, pay attention on the one on your above right. you have to shot the pink baloon at the extreme right. then, look up right and shot the extreme right pink bloon. then look left and shot the extreme left pink ballon. you got it.

shot the packman and, without stoppin, go up left, recharge you eating the other packman, eat the bloons, go down left and eat the packman, then right then up...
packmans will recharge you, if you do it very quickly you got it..
1st arrow, aim directly and shoot hard at the bottom red bomb balloon. This should make the whole unit explode. Then arch over the gray blocks to hit the top unit's red bomb balloon. 

Use some ARCH skills to shoot your arrow just above the left ice balloon, then aim for the right side. Use your last arrow to get the remainders. (trick for this one is to try not to hit the ice or the blocks)

Use 1st arrow to shoot the single brown block, use 2nd to shoot red bomb balloon. Then use one to shoot a brown block to open up a space over one of the pink pin baloons. Then aim carefully!! 

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