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Jocuri Hana Montanna Motana Disney Cruise???

They reviewer nailed it. HM the movie isn't really a movie. Its an extended Hannah Montana TV episode with very little of what makes HM the land paris california packages hotels carnival ships lines jobs TV show tolerable which is the side characters of Jakcson, Lily and Oliver. So they made a 90 minute version of the same old pap that they push out on TV each week and they got their fans to pony up $11 each to see it. Good marketing but it isn't a movie.
Starring:A Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lucas Till, Emily Osment, Vanessa Williams, Margo Martindale, Jason Earles, Peter Gunn, Melora Hardin, Barry Bostwick Director:A Peter Chelsom Miley Cyrus takes her hit Disney Channel show to the big screen , reprising her role as teen Jocuri Hana Montanna Motana Disney Cruise, who lives a secret double life as pop superstar Hannah ...
I am going to her concert in November and I need two. I am her biggest fan I have both of her CD's and I recorde all of her shows and watch them until I know them by heart. I have her pictures up on my wall and Have all the Hannah Montana things. I realy need Backstafe passes I would be the happiest person in the world If I get backstage passes
I wish I could see her I dress up clothes like her I wear tshirts from concery I flew to texas wonce to see her I was in the front row she touched my hand it was awesome


Sean Wang said...

Very Interesting. She is a very great singer. I wish I can touch her hand. I think that the movie was really just like a long episode too. I just don't really like her acting. She should stay as a singer.

Gold Digger said...

Yes, she is a great singer.

Jocuri gratuite said...

she is a real phenomenon

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