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Cartun Cartun Carton Neguer Cartoon Movies

Foos Well thanks for the comments on last post of cartuns tom n jerry network india not expected such good acceptance, my life is boring and so do not speak about it, just say it was pocamadre Moshic rulz and at last I know.

As promised, here is the second part of the cartoons that I saw the kid, before you crucify me skip most of Hanna Barbera Cartun Cartun Carton Neguer Cartoon Movies to be a little old, those of saw my dad, and all except Don Gato is that I'm missing some, but memory fails me, indeed to Anae, jarocha of evil you are reading this happy birthday.

Count Patula

Another favorite, the Earl patula was Ć¢? WampiroĆ¢? blood instead of taking juice had a nana pocamadre breaking doors and was a savage, the song of the intro was very cool and the voice of Count patula (pa patolin the flesh) was very sorry that did not last long but it was a of the best, FOC! To repeat it = (

The Ewoks / Droids

The first signs of hatred for George Lucas, so he had the bright idea of caricatures of the Ewoks (I shit) and the droids, super tits and the story was stupid, for ah? I went to boba fett droids but never saw it and I hope not to!, not one but TWO! Pel? live action films in the iguocs, to mourn.

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