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Jane Fonda Workout

She's queen of the workout aerobic exercises videos songs dvds from yesteryear, and with the hope that this thread will attract Hall of the Wendigo favourite Jane Fonda haircut blog crossfit along to the review forum, will you be buying Hanoi in Vietnam Jane Fonda's new px90 insanity equipment workout schedule planner kettlebell DVD; Prime Time Fit & Strong?
It looks like making all those workout  over the years has really paid off for Jane Fonda Workout.
Because although she turned 73 years old yesterday, the fitness guru is not going to let a little thing like age stop her.
In fact, the veteran actress looked much younger than her seven decades in her glamorous get up of shirt leather skirt and over-the-knee boots as she appeared on a US chat show last night.

The actress was a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night and wowed the audience with her sexy outfit, which also included a sparkly top.
However, some observers suggested that the skirt and boots combination might have been a little too much - even for a woman a third of her age.
Fonda was appearing on the show to talk about her new fitness DVDs, Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit & Strong and Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout, which came out at the end of November.
And she also talked about her new boyfriend and declared that she would never marry again.
Fonda, who has been hitched three times, said she was quite happy being 'shacked up' with boyfriend Richard Perry.

When her Scottish-born host teased her about using the term 'boyfriend', she said: 'What do you say when you're not married?

'Here I am at my age and you're living with somebody. What do you call them? Your boyfriend.'
Fonda first met record producer Perry over 30 years ago when he helped support her then-husband Tom Hayden's run for the US Senate.
They were then set up by actress Carrie Fisher last year and have been together ever since.

Jane joked: 'I came out here (Los Angeles) to get a new knee and I got a new lover. That was about a year and a half ago so I’ve stayed, but I’m not getting married again.

Jane has a successful acting career under her belt and is most famous for her shot to 1968 film Barbarella.
But she is also very well known for being the Queen of the fitness video and has released 24 since she began in 1982.

And she said this year that she still believes that staying physically active is the key to health at any age.
Speaking to People, she said: 'I'm very excited to be back in the fitness business. I know from experience and from my research how critical it is for seniors to be physically active. 

'Even if they've never exercised in their lives, now's the time and my programs are a good, safe way to do it.'

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