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Pikachu and Pichu Latest Animation

Is there a topic like this that already exists?

So, after watching all of those anime colored costumes episodes evolution of anime soulsilver, who do think wins first prize for being meanest, nastiest, and most powerful of all?

I would probably bet you hundreds of dollars that THE meanest, nastiest, spiky, evolving, evolve heartgold most powerful person vs animator game in anime history is, by a longshot, Giovanni from Pokemon.
I Love Pikachu and Pichu Animation cause they are so funny and adorable
Except for his pet Persian, becoming rich, and enjoying watching people (and other Pokemon for this matter) suffer, Giovanni hates everything. He would sooner have Ash Ketchum's Pikachu more than anything in the world.

Unfortunately his 200+ more than determined plans to get his Pikachu have backfired, simply because his top 3 agents, that would be Jessie, James, and Meowth (the only talking Pokemon other than Mewtwo), fail every time they try to steal a rare Pokemon, let alone have Pikachu in his clutches.

In one movie he tried to drain Mewtwo of his mysterious powers. I think that would be Mewtwo Returns.

His theme song is "It Will All Be Mine". 

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