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Learn Magic Tricks!

Hey, I just started here and I have a 5 key points mirrors for when you start performing illusions carpet ride for real in front of a crowd.

They're only little things, but they make a big difference.


When you ask a spectator to shuffle the cards, let them do it, but when they hand them back, dont reshuffle as it looks like your making fun of them. Learn Magic Tricks and amaze all your friends with this spectacular feat.


Dont do loads of fancy stuff that takes years of practice if some shuffles the cards in a novice way. It's the same as above. Sure, one more is fine, but don't do the thing where you make a fan with one hand and close it with the same hand. It's fine for showing off to your family, and fine to do on stage if your not going to ask the audience to shuffle them. but not if you do ask the audience to shuffle them.


Not really for performing infront of a big crowd, but if your starting off, make a video of your trick, or practice infront of a mirror. That way you can see what you audience will see, and you can make sure that when your fan the cards, your audience can't see them. Then practice infront of your family, and when you get pretty skilled, oyur ready to go onto bigger and better things.


Dont speak fast. I mean it, if you talk as fast as Osain Bolt can run, after your done your audience will feel a little, shocked, but not in a good way. Tone it down. Even if your screaming in your head I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! Tone it down, it will feel like an eternity, but your audience will think your going great. (Don't blabber or stutter or sweat or start to make mistakes, it doesn't make it as good as it was. If you have a stutter, belive me, its a blessing in disguise.)


Dont move the cards fast either. You dont want any one dammage thier eye's. You may not get an encoure. Plus, if you move the cards fast in a trick that requirs a 3 card monte throw or this and that, A) They will know somethings going on and B) They won't be able to see the cards.

I told you, little things, but they make a big difference.

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