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Clairvoyant Nostradamus Doomsday Prediction May 21 2011 2012

I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with this or if there are methods (whether by palmistry, astrology, mayans calendar, endoftheworld, prediction, doomsday in etc.) that indicate when a person will die. I've tried viewing my death under hypnosis and through remote viewings and seen different dates. I believe partially this is because the date of death is not set in stone and can be changed through the act of foreknowledge itself. So this has always been a point of interest for me.
So my question is has anyone had experience with predicting their death or that of others or foreseeing their own death or that of others. Just curious to what methods you used and if they had proven accurate. If you used several methods were they consistent or did they give you conflicting data? If so, which method seemed to produce the most accurate results?
In my opinion...Clairvoyant Nostradamus Doomsday Prediction May 21 2011 2012 a waste in time and energies....and what is the benefit?
Let say that we could predict something like this, by looking in the hand,star,soul,card..or what ever....how could this thing take into account all the "changing factors" like car crash, murder, dawning,fire,earthquakes, and on and on.
How can we see the developing in virus, and other medical issues, which might have a deadly outcome, how can we see people who get eating disorder, how can we see people who get mental disorder and jump from the roof?
Be veeeeeerrrryyyy glad that our Death time can't be seen, and NEVER trust someone who say they can predict your TOD, they are nothing but charlatans !
There is hardly any prediction given for tomorrow, rather you people are indulging in philosophical thoughts about yourselves.
Here I am predicting your future that if you two still remain so self obsessed in near future, you might miss some of the most beautiful and magical moments of life. Enjoy life to the brim and avoid unnecessary complications as much as possible.

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