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Card Of Christmas Music Santa Clauses...

I love it! I have a leg lamp stocking, 2 snowglobes (1 is of the leg lamp and the other is Ralphie in his bunny suit) I have 3 ornaments and they all say something from the movie (the tongue on the flagpole, bunny suit and leg lamp in crate), I have pieces how to make a green lottery pudding from the village (Ralphie's house, Higbee's store, the elementary school and Pulaski's Candy Store), I also have the mini-leg lamp phone number as well. This year I'm asking for the family car and maybe the Bumpass's house.
Just came inside from greeting a guest address. I work with this lady and she has an autistic child. It seems they came by last night and the girl just sat and stared and watched the show. It seems she brought it up again on their way home and earlier today so mom brought her back tonight.
What a thrill Card Of Christmas Music Santa Clauses... and joy it was to watch this girl never take her eyes off of our lights. If momma will bring her, she will come back every night to watch the lights.
It was freezing outside while talking to them, but my heart stayed warm throughout. What a great feeling to know that our effort has touched someone like this.
We live pretty far out in the country and I have always joked that the only people that see our display is Santa Claus and low flying aircraft. Tonight an angel saw our show and my heart and desire for doing this has been changed forever. Just when I think I can't or dont want to do this anymore, God sends and angel to tell me we are not done yet. Merry Christmas to everyone here. What a great night this was.
My  reef aquarium club does a Christmas ornament exchange every year. We do that "dirty Santa" game where you can steal the ornament from the people who opened theirs before you opened yours.
One year someone brought this horrendous gold ball that played AWFUL OBNOXIOUS music in a really shrill voice. It's like this thing was only ever meant to annoy people. That one kept getting brought back each year and passed around and around.
It became a huge running joke...who was going to end up with goldie.

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