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Chastity Chaz Bono, the transgender daughter of Cher Hot Sex Change Operation Gender Switch!

Chaz appeared in a Santa Monica, Calif. court on Thursday, dressed in a man’s suit and tie and his hair shorn in a closed cropped style, to finalize his petition for a legal gender and name change. When he walked out of the courtroom yesterday, Mr. Chaz officialy became a man. And he may now change all of his official documents to male.

His lifelong journey to find his true gender identity, ended last year, when he underwent “irreversible surgery” to erase all of his female body parts:

“[A]ccording to documents filed in March, Chaz has also completed his gender reassignment surgery, the documents state that Chaz underwent an “irreversible surgery” on September 23, 2009 to change his “sex characteristics from female to male.”

Kristina Wertz, legal director for the Transgender Law Center, said “This is an important step in his transition and will allow him to change a variety of his identity documents to show who he truly is.”

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Dean Greg said...

its unbelievable to me.. sex change surgery operation can bring the person's life more easier..however to me its still confusion. i do agree with other plastic and cosmetic surgery such as face lift, breast implant or reduction tummy tuck. weight loss but change a gender is preeti sounds like dumb. any way this is 21st century nothing is impossible to change your life..this information is very good for those people who is still thinking about to change their gender either from male to female or female to male or sex change transsexual operation etc.. cheer up guys..

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