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Techniques to increase blog traffic guaranteed effective

Have you ever read about techniques to increase traffic blog guaranteed effective entries or any kid get income from Japangold blog? It was never there again but today a typical entry I want to show how to increase blog traffic and indirectly increase the income side also on the internet. Ok, make it simple?
1. Ping your blog URL at least once a day .. 
Yes this is done since two days ago and the results are, indeed absurdly. Many websites that provide web-ping, Ping simple search on Google. Between the popular website that my Ping is always used for the Pingler and also Ping My Blog. 
The Ping is aimed at informing all kinds of search engine spiders so fast conductivity Military her to your blog. This will make each entry that you wrote, not until 10 minutes away it is on Google. Remember, do it once a day or maybe every time after create new entries. 
2. Adding Site Update Services on WordPress 
These are advantages for users of WordPress who paid. If your using WordPress, no need to ping my son actually (kind of no 1), why WordPress has ping function provided whenever you publish entries. Ok, come down here for brief tutorial. 
WordPress Dashboard> Settings> Writing 
You then copy all that is here, and paste in the portion Update Services. Save changes .. 
3. Submit website URL to Google's typical sites
If it's for me, search engines what the most memorable of the top and now, no longer exists between the reader on my Google does not know it? Hehehe. Submit your blog URL to Google's typical for your sake only. 
4. Often add new articles (blog updates) 
It's very important actually. Blogs that entry that is updated once a month or two, slices of the finger when someone popular. Accordingly, very taxable diligent blog updates at least 2 3 times a week. If more than it is good days. Diligent crazy. Hehehe. 
Every time you update the blog and ping, search engine spiders will deliver them to crawl and the result is that the days for the Google update your blog because there are new entries, it is sad if your blog does not exist in most listings top in search engines. 
5. Join the majority voice. Do not follow my own 
Guys. Come on join the development. Majority does not have blog entry if there are out on track. Majority don't have great little writing blogs. Majority don't want blog that font that is difficult to read. Majority don't want personal blog that kind of diary. It's up to you to to participate your majority or minority voice. 
6. Sign in blogs of others and leave comments 
Do not be a silent reader if there is a blog. Leave comments and if at blog entries of others related to everywhere to your entry, maybe you can trackback yours in their portion of the link blogs. Normally commented that along with links, will it be flag as SPAM. If the host was kind, she will approve your comments. So to prevent this sorts of things, remove http:// from the your site and leave a trackback. 
7. Always try to exchange links 
Always hear the conversation "Let's link exchange" right? So always try to exchange-rate link with the new blog owner conference. Put them in siderbar blog links using the principle that there are functions in WordPress and Blogspot. If a lot of very, create one page that there are typical kinds of links (Blogosphere). 
8. Enable your RSS blog  
Entry Google Feedburner and use the various advantages that exist there. It is visible in bottom right portion of the blog? Yes, it's subscriber count it after 3 months of use and increasingly. If the subscriber has reached 400, to 400 a day then it is a good sign. Trust me. 
9. Patch your blog link everywhere 
You have no Myspace, no Friendster, Tagged and probably up there right? Patch your addresses blog now. Always put your blog URL on the status of the web. Diligent, industrious conductivity sincere comment is followed by a link to the blog comments. Popular web will give a good promotion for you. Why don't you take the chance? 
For users of Facebook, there are plugins that automatically conduct of each new entry will continues to Profile Facebook. 
10. Attach all required plugin
Many plugins required to install if necessary to WordPress. Google them Analyticator that facilitate the process of using Google Analytic. Google Analytic is very important because this is the application that will records all the data regarding your reader. What if the search to include blogs, what was he looking for, from a blog where he blogs your link and everything else. In short, remove all the "stat" plugin that is Google Analytic it is good enough with no rival. 
11. Use the Search in the Search Engine Assistant 
Yes, use all the keywords that are issued by the search assistant in an entry that is legitimate because what comes out hot and that is the most wanted. 
12. Tags whatever available
For users of WordPress, just finished writing a new entry, plug what keywords sake only that springs to mind in the portion of tags. More keywords that coincided with warm and lively demand, the higher the percentage to appear on the front face of most search engines. Example if you write articles Transfomer, then near the tag, leave only what is related to Transfomer. For example Transformer robot, Transformer three, Transformer movie, Transformer trailer, Transformer editor, Transformer funny only stupid and what was going through and you feel people are busy searching. 
Actually, many more I want to share. But maybe in one more entry like this in the future. Please if you are an expert about this, leave a comment for all to share, people who reads here are mostly teenagers who are seeking for tips and information. 

These techniques is to help those who are newbie here to draw traffic to the blog at least in a period of 3 months. Hopefully I  can help all my friends here? Business and trust is everything .. Hehehe ..

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