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El Chupacabra lemon law in ca???

There are some threads here on the JREF about it, mostly people posting a real news story fotos del about this, and then saying, "Come on! That's not real". Can't recall anyone passionately claiming el chupacabra was real, here on the JREF.
Some of the people in my area believe in mito videos de El Chupacabra. It's occasionally reported on the news that someone saw one, or it ran across their roof etc. Whenever they have pictures it turns out to be a coyote with mange, or something much more lemon law in ca mundane than an exciting fairy tale come to life.
lol, ive never see a guy or anything like that, given i got linked to that vid at the start of the yr, ive also asked around and got say a 70/30, 70 saying human eyes dont glow like that.
Yes, they do, when you shine a light in them. It's a regular guy behind a bush in the dark, so he and a bunch of his buddies can poorly stage a hoax to stick on YouTube. Big freakin' deal.

What does that film clip have to do with el chupacabra? Was there a mangy coyote off camera?
Notice there were alot of Bigfoot threads, so i thought i'd see if anyone believes in El Chupacabra's or vampire's or something like that.

heres a cool vid of a skinny/pale dude/El Chupacabra/vampire or whateva sucking something and scaring some of the Spanish peeps.

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