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The Best Valentines Days Poem Gift...

Well, first of all, it depends on how long the two of you have been together. You don't want to get him something too extravagant e card if you've only been inspirational together a short time. You could try giving him a nice acrostic and some balloons and maybe a cute teddy bear footprints. Or if you've been together for quite some time The  Best Valentines Days Poem Gift, you could give him something like jewelry (yes men like getting jewelry too,  ), or a gift basket filled with all his favorite things.
Wow!! Well, you guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. It's good that you're making a conscious decision to do something about your health. I wish you both well and will be here for support if you ever need it. I ordered online a pair of Jordan shoes for my lover.I hope he will walk steadily when he advances and in the future life,everything will smoothly and everything goes well! As a old saying goes:A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step .
Just incase anyones stuck I wrote a poem,
You have my permission to use it,
(Unless you're a power hungry business planning to print it in a card)

The day of hearts when people send ,
Cards to those whom are guarded friends,
Worry not for I am here,
Sending love from far to near,
From deep within, I do pray,
That stars shine to make your day,
The rivers flood with tears tonight,
Whenever you leave my sight.
See the skies sublime; Behold!
The cloudless, dark depths of night:
Studded by stars shining
With a bright, brilliant light.

The firmament, a fathomless abyss,
Modestly mirrors your innocent eyes;
Which beyond composure and consideration conceals
A conscience, made lowly wise.

In a blink, breaks the dawn;
Revealing the rich radiance of your skin.
Your cheeks so fair, does the colour scare;
Which flees the faint flush of blood blossoming.

Your pale, wet lips, hennaed hair
And body, beautiful and lithe, does lure
Many a men, and in their bosoms
Desire does inspire and despair does stir.

More than my life, do I love you so:
For seen I no lady, more fair or fine;
And on my knees, do I beg of you,
‘Will you be my Valentine?’

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penhitam said...

emm..many people love to celebrate valentine day. How about you?

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